The Author



Jo Carson-Barr has been writing for children for about five years. Jo has spent many years working with people who are differently abled and her hope is to write more books including different types of people in her stories. Married to Rod. She is the mother of three grown up children and grandmother of six..


Her passion for children’s picture books was ignited in her Play Centre years were she was fortunate, to be the centres librarian and could go and spend hours in Dorothy Butlers book shop….she was hooked. Reading endlessly to her own children.


Jo has had two Children’s Picture Books published, ‘Talking to Nannie’ which was published through Learning Media and is widely distributed in NZ schools. During 2014 it has been translated into Samoan and also NZSL in a digital format.

‘The GoodBye Chair’ was published by Veritas Aotearoa Publishing in October 2013.

Recommended Retail Price:$19.99


New Zealand $3.30 per book
Australian $4.30 per book
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